Senior Java Developers


We are recruiting a number of hybrid or Remote Senior Java Developers for gaming clients across the following countries – Spain, Gibraltar, Malta and Greece.

You must have a few years of working experience in serving as a Java Developer working on varied type of software development projects

  • Strong grasp of established and emerging technologies, systems, platforms, and software.
  • Expert knowledge of Java and open source software (e.g. Spring)
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL, preferably with Oracle databases
  • Experience designing and building RESTful web service APIs
  • Distributed caching (Hazelcast or Redis) 
  • Knowledge of Asynchronous Messaging (Kafka, RabbitMQ or JMS)
  • Experience developing back office trading tools using GWT/Vaadin, SWT, Swing or JavaFX
  • Background in Agile Software Development using Scrum Methodology is preferred but not required.
  • Passion for writing high quality, rock solid software
  • Previously worked on large scale multi-threaded projects
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Maven and Linux
  • Experience building highly transactional, high volume distributed server applications
  • Knowledge of JVM monitoring and performance tuning Java applications, as well as troubleshooting issues in production
  • Background in Online Gaming is preferred but not required
  • Extra points if you have developed web apps in HTML/JavaScript